Penfolds BIN 51 Eden Valley Riesling 750ml Wine, White Wine

Penfolds BIN 51 Eden Valley Riesling 750ml

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Light lime green.

Unashamedly Eden Valley fruits – ID’d instantly! All regional riesling markers on display.
An array of florals – white spring flowers (jonquil), and hints of fresh lime..
Crushed mixed-stone gravel … not quite at talc stage. Yet.
Aromatically extols an undeniable purity, minerality and freshness!

Very lime – citrus driven palate augmented by just ripe Granny Smith apple, cucumber granita and traces of juniper berry.
A distinct chalky acid presence noted, yet ideally balanced so as not to intrude or distract.
Admittedly a wishful second guess, but no reason to suspect why this palate shouldn’t remain intact over the next decade or three!
Imminently drinkable.


Note: Product image used are for illustration purposes only, vintage may vary.